Facebook Fan Pages 101 – Building one that works FOR you!

This week, Gwen Recinto, VoxpopNJ Guest Blogger, examines Facebook fan pages and how you can integrate this element of social media in your overall marketing plan.  Become a fan of Gwen’s and VoxPopNJ then add a comment to this post with your fan page!

Promote Your Business with an Effective Facebook Fan Page

Technology has made it easier for people to stay “connected.” Think about it — the average person has a cell phone, email address … and likely a Facebook account. In fact, Facebook has more than 400 million active users. In addition, many people even have iPods, laptops, Twitter accounts and more. Information is constantly flowing, and people want it! Use this to your advantage. If you’re a business owner, group facilitator or are looking to promote yourself, it’s a good idea to start with a Facebook fan page.

To create your Facebook fan page, ask yourself some questions and consider these tips:

Determine your objectives, goals and strategy. Brainstorm what you represent and what you’re trying to achieve. Your objectives should be general and non-specific. For example, an objective may be to increase customers. Consider where have you been successful, and what needs work.

Be specific with your goals. For example, do you want 50 new customers next month? 30% of your customers to refer someone this quarter? 10% to attend an upcoming event?

Create a strategy. One element of your strategy — for the sake of this article — is to create a Facebook fan page.

Add information to your fan page. Under the “Info” tab on your page, include your contact information, website and hours of operation.

On your main page, keep your descriptor paragraph short and sweet. For example, describe your company, what do you offer and what makes you different. You may want to include a sentence about what people who “fan” your page will “get” — discounts, industry information, etc. Remember, give people an incentive to fan the page!

Create a marketing communication plan. Take your goals/strategy and create a plan. Based on the objective, goals and strategy example above — What will bring in new customers? Encourage referrals or event attendance?

Evaluate your resources. Determine your Facebook page administrators — those that will post updates to the page. How often will they post, and where will they get the information? Make sure your page administrators know about your objectives, goals and strategy. You may want to plan your communications ahead of time and have your administrators post the updates.

Use a logo that’s recognizable. Your page has a main profile picture. Because it appears as a icon on your fan’s news feed, it may appear smaller than you want. Make sure people know what they’re looking at — be careful with words and consider a symbol or something representative of your group.

Promote your page. Ask your personal contacts to support you, your group and your page. Email your customers a link to your page and post a sign at your location to let your customers know you have a Facebook page.

Post useful information. Remember, this page is not just about you and your group. Consider posting useful information — in addition to your promotions, discounts and events. For example, you may want to post a informational article or ask a question of your fans for feedback.

When you see your customers, you may want to take photos you can post to the page — with their permission, of course. You may even want to ask people to post reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Otherwise, just start your page! You’ll figure out what works for you and your group — just by trial and error. Your fans, your postings and everything else will grow and improve with time.

About the Author:

Gwen Recinto is a freelance writer and marketer, blogger and fitness instructor. She has been teaching group exercise for 10 years throughout South Jersey and Philadelphia. Follow her on Twitter — @AllThingsGwen — and “fan” her Fit Friends page on Facebook. For inspirational articles, including how to live a healthy, happy and inspired life, visit her blog at AllThingsGwen.com.


2 responses to “Facebook Fan Pages 101 – Building one that works FOR you!

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  2. Great Facebook Fanpages 101 post. Other ways to promote your Facebook fanpage is to put it in your email signature (if appropriate), add it to your Google profile, put a Fanpage box/widget on your website or blog, maybe add it to your business card. But don’t do this right away – see ideas below for tips to do first.

    Also be sure to get the name of your page right – it can’t be changed – put spaces in the name – if you name it “yourcoRealEstate” – it may not show up under Facebook search for real estate or your company name, make it “your company Real Estate,” though you can get a vanity “URL” after you have 100 fans.

    But only do these things if you are going to have an active page going. I see too many people who set up a page, then have no activity except posting blog posts or “buy my product messages.”

    The core of a successful Fanpage is putting some strategy behind it. Be sure your audience is there first, then look at their needs – what info do they need, that you can provide for them – not just info on your product, but info that keeps them coming back.

    Example: a real estate page could offer tips on the home tax credit, ways to pack for a move, how to stage a house to sell quickly – it can be your content – but often mixing in that from other sources builds even more trust – really.

    Cathy Larkin

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