How Grandmas & Gorillas became YouTube sensations

Today’s blog post is primarily video.  @craigmahoney shot this footage at our “Social Media for Creative People” workshop last February at The Showroom in Asbury Park. Not the best lighting, but what our presenters had to say is worth a listen and a view!

Stephanie Yuhas of ProjectTwenty1 in Philadelphia recounts her first experience putting her 4 minute animation about her Grandmother on YouTube and the surprising response.  Doug Seidel of Justice Productions recounts his over the top podcasting that lead to winning the Marketing Award at last year’s 21 Day Film Festival.  (View Doug’s podcasts here. Scroll down for last summer’s P21 podcasts.)

Stephanie’s experience shows just how powerful YouTube has become as a distribution medium, and Doug’s experience shows just how a small filmmaker can create a big buzz with short podcasts!

Stephanie Yuhas – Internet Celebrity

Doug Seidel – Podcasting Master

UPDATE:  Check out the first interviews from our Tweetup March 27th filmed by @Tbirdtunes at @RockNJoesPPB!


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