ProjectTwenty1 Video Diary – Day 5

On the last day of the shoot, cast, crew, and zombies came to my house for what we called “Gorefest”.  In this entry, we see David Meditz, SFX genius, turn a baby(doll) into zombie lunch, hear how Stango envisions blood splatter on the side of my garage, meet our enthusiastic zombie extras Kristine Knowlton, Michael Sweeney, Karisa Hunt, Paul McCue, and my son Joe Fadem, hear more music from No Wine for Kittens, and of course hear Cameraman Stango speak yet again… you know how production companies have those weird voiceovers? Like Bad Robot(s) and Pretty Matches Productions (I watch way too much Bravo).  Well, Stango is now my company’s audio!


One response to “ProjectTwenty1 Video Diary – Day 5

  1. Thank you so much for having Mike and I! We hope we fulfilled all of your Zombie dreams! Please keep us posted when the official website comes out =)

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